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Your Voice are brand consultants specialising in services for Professional Service Firms – Financial Services, Legal, Accounting, Town Planning Consultants etc.

We have specialist expertise in brand authenticity, brand inclusivity, sustainable branding, purposeful brands.
Building brands with you on the fundamentals of good Strategy, Identity and Communications.

We have a team of first class thinkers, writers and designers.

Your Voice. Your Identity. Your Story. ™



What We Do

What we offer as brand agents
Brand Strategy - Your Voice

Strategy and total understanding

Interviews. Workshops. Questions. Taking the time to understand who you are, and what you represent.  We work with you to define your brand promise, story, and behaviours.  We take the strategy off the paper and make it work in the real world.

Brand Creativity - Your Identity

Add a huge bit of creative oomph!

Once your strategy is locked down, we’ll bring it to life.  The way you look, sound, and behave. Your identity.

We are your creative partners and we are here for the long run. As you change and evolve we make sure everything keeps pace.

Brand Communications - Your Story

Launch and Brand Development

Do whatever your brand needs to do.  You will have the brand tools and ‘creative’ to communicate Your Voice for purpose.

No Gimmicks just solid head-turning branding.



Our Latest Work

Coaches across Continents

Coaches Across Continents

We are proud to have helped the founders of this global NGO to establish its digital brand and progress it as the organisation rapidly grew.

The Zamsoe Brand

The Zamsoe Brand

Zamsoe is one of the fastest-growing jewellery brands and we are working with them on improving their digital presence and personality.

PES a brand transformation

The Planning and Environment Studio Ltd (PES)

Not live yet but PES is working with us to give it’s brand a new voice and differentiate it in the professional world of town and country planning.

Articles and Thoughts

Building a Digital Brand That Lasts

Building a Digital Brand That Lasts

Knowing the answer to what makes a brand last is what separates sustainable success from eventual obscurity. Almost every company devotes significant resources to define their brand. But few question how to protect it. Historically, brands have risen and fallen in...

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As we all move towards the new ‘living with COVID as normal’, companies must optimise the approach they take to managing their brand portfolios.

Companies best positioned for future success will be those that can best manage their portfolios toward purpose, empathy, openness, and innovation.

We are lucky to have worked with brands large and smaller, diverse in sectors, companies such as Sage, Corus, ICI, Coaches Across Continents, through to many exciting eCommerce brands, every project is exciting. We now specialise in branding professional service firms. Let’s talk and help find your brand voice.

Steve Wanless

Founder and CEO


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