About us

YourVoice is a branding consultancy / agency established over ten years ago and works across the world with clients with whom we build long term business relationships with.

Each client is unique in its competitive environment and brings the challenge of addressing these problems. Therefore we are highly adaptive and innovative in our approaches. The fundamentals remain the same and we build our solutions on intellectual rigour, deep understanding and creative innovation.

We would like to talk to you and discuss how we can work together in making your brand a brand of the future. We work with clients of all sizes, stages of growth and global locations. Our approach is the same for all, down to earth and straight talking.

Our team is made up of experienced creatives and business leaders with a track record of success and our clients up to now have and are based in financial services, professional services, tech, ecommerce, art / creative, hospitality, manufacturing and NGO.

…Your Voice was established to provide a voice for small, growing or established organisations that are looking for a new perspective, an innovative approach to imagining their brand in a highly competitive and fast changing environment. We are highly skilled consultants, designers, innovators and project managers that want to work for you…

Steve Wanless MBA – CEO

Nick Gates – Founder

“…YourVoice have worked with us from our humble beginnings to the international organisation we are now. Their work, experience have helped us create a brand that is internationally recognised.…”

Karen – Director Zamsoe

“… YourVoice spoke to us in an understandable way and gave us confidence to change our approach and set up the Zamsoe brand that has proved very successful and provides the foundation for us to scale over the next few years.…”

Graham Bradford – Director Town and Country Planning Consultants

“…Absolutely fantastic work, many thanks for the perfect collaboration so far, very much appreciated!…”

Give us a call, check we have the chemistry and let’s get to work.