Finding the best Hashtags for your Firm

Are you an accountant, lawyer, financial adviser or consultant and are finding that you are not getting the flow of people to your published, quality, targeted content on social media.

It could be down to your use of hashtags. Social media is a crucial tool in web marketing for businesses.

How can you invite people onto your feed day in and day out without actively going out and finding them then the answer is a bit of work in choosing targeted hashtags for your practice firm.

Remember to always use the best hashtags in your content marketing for your business. It’s not enough to throw up the “popular ones” as you are not in the business of likes… you’re in the business of selling your products to make money.

You can use hashtags to:

  • Categorize posts
  • Grab attention
  • Drive conversions
  • Harness the power of popular topics on social media

With a simple hashtag utilized in a campaign, you can drive viewer engagement to your content outside of your current circle of followers.

How you can use hashtags in your organisation’s digital marketing:

  1. As an Engagement Booster.

    Posts with at least one relative Instagram hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

  2. Measuring Engagement.

    Test and measure the engagement of your social media audience by trying different hashtags and compare the results and how they respond. Always make sure your hashtags are relevant and trending.

  3. Use as a Cross-Channel Identifier.

    Now that most-modern social media sites have adopted hashtags, marketers can now run cross-channel campaigns with one common identifier. Create your own unique Hashtag so you can be tracked through all forms of social media.

  4. Initiate Creative Story Telling.

    You can create your own hashtags and share a story to boost your engagement, but the key to successfully doing so is integrating trending hashtags. Unknown hashtags on their own will not succeed unless your company is as big as Apple or Sky. It’s best to stick with known and trending hashtags.

  5. To Identify Results.

    Interact with your customers to get results on anything from opinions to followers. It shows your organisation is a people organisation with a caring and responsive personality.


Here are a few tips for hashtag etiquette:


  • Use relevant and effective terms.
  • Research on trending topics.
  • Create your hashtag to match your brand.
  • Only use acronyms if they make sense.
  • Check the setting on your social media accounts to make sure the public (not just your followers) see your posts.
  • If you have a long hashtag, try capitalizing the first letter of every word to avoid confusion.


  •  #hash#tag#every#word#of#your#post; typically, 3-5 hashtags per post is sufficient and acceptable. Too many hashtags and your posts look unpleasant and boring to readers.
  • Do not make your post one large hashtag. They are hard to read and can become misleading and confusing.
  • Do not repeat your hashtag multiple times in the same post. It doesn’t help.
  • Repeating the same hashtag in every post has not proven to be effective on any platform.

Remember, social media is only as effective as your efforts. Do your research and use lots of the free tools out there to narrow down your selection of hashtags – try

Your Voice can help you with hashtags as part of your digital marketing strategies. Get in touch to find out how we may be able to work with you.

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