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We’re looking for the best thinkers, designers and educators to help us create the new and revitalise the established.  You may be looking for freelance work or an established role – we can offer both.  All our team works remotely and we know how to make this work for you without missing out on the personal interactions.

Please send your interest in the role and we will ask for supporting examples of your work.  We will then take it on from there.


Freelance Senior Designers

As a multi-disciplined creative, your primary role is to act as the design lead, owning projects while delivering work with brilliant creative ideas, exceptional design and craft skills, and smart strategic thinking.

We expect our Senior Designers to drive the work, solve complex problems, take responsibility for the detail, embracing feedback and constant changes on projects. They are consistently proactive, accountable and responsive, instantly adapting to any situation.

You are responsible for:

  • playing a pivotal role on the client team, driving the work from conception through to delivery on multiple a larger client or on multiple smaller projects simultaneously
  • having a strong understanding of the strategy and using this insight to contribute to the work
  • giving constructive direction and guidance to the designers working with you
  • making confident design decisions, ensuring you bring others on the journey with you
  • being convincing and influential when presenting ideas and creative work to multiple stakeholders
  • exploring new tools and visual ways to execute ideas
  • seeking and listening to feedback and using it to build on ideas and push your and other’s work further
  • partnering and guiding our client’s design team
  • demonstrating commercial awareness on projects by highlighting concerns and proposing solutions surrounding the standard of work being achieved within the resourced time
  • contributing to the recruitment and growth of our interns and juniors
  • taking part and leading Your Voice initiatives internally and with outside partners
  • bringing a strong creative point of view to Your Voice culture

You will:

You will have experience in one or more professional service sectors.

You will have a good understanding of ‘brand’ and have been part of a team working to develop and craft real brand experiences.

You will be credible in one of our core disciplines of graphic design, interaction design or motion graphics.

You will have experience of being the lead designer on workstreams.

You should:

  • Be imaginative – you generate original ideas favouring radical solutions. You should develop concepts that focus on the root cause and create a clear vision. You are interested in the underlying principles of an idea and comfortable in applying theory.
  • Explore the world – you analyse information, ask probing questions and have a passion for finding solutions. You understand the logic behind arguments and ensure you have established all the relevant facts behind them.
  • Take responsibility – You meet the deadline and are focused on ensuring the task at hand is fully completed. You champion your craft and are meticulous about the detail.
  • Create impact – you are persuasive and articulate. You clearly express your point of view and support others in developing and articulating theirs.
Freelance Senior Copywriters

This role is the storytelling engine within projects and client programs. Working with Strategy Directors, Creative Directors, strategists and designers on amplifying the messages we want to communicate across content we produce. You will be responsible for helping brands find their voice and tell their stories, shape how they’re positioned and create content to communicate their messages—from manifestos, to film scripts to headlines in communications and product experiences.

We expect our Senior Copywriters to drive the work by mastering their craft, solving complex problems, taking responsibility for the detail, embracing feedback and constant changes on projects. They are consistently proactive, accountable and responsive, adapting to any situation.

You are responsible for:

  • Working closely with designers and strategists to add a strong verbal dimension to our creative output
  • Bringing brand strategy to life in creative ways. Help bring the way we describe the strategy to life, write a manifesto for the brand, articulate the brand’s personality, create stories around the brand
  • Bringing creative ideas to life
  • Work closely with the designers and strategists on the job to create powerful ideas for products, services, communications, etc.
  • Creating brand voice principles and helping to create before/after examples
  • Craft messaging themes and key messages that pay off brand strategy
  • Support naming work and generate names for brands, products, services, initiatives, etc.
  • Writing copy for an ad, a smartphone app, a set of brochures, a website home page, a Facebook page or a campaign to get staff engaged


You will:

  • You will have experience in one or more professional service sectors.
  • Focus on writing copy
  • Brainstorming ideas with other team members
  • Discuss your ideas in internal workshops and ideations as well as client work sessions and presentations
  • Occasionally, proofread copy for deliverables on your projects

You should be:

  • An inventive, original thinker with a talent for words
  • Able to write different types of creative copy (long, short, headlines, stories) for a wide range of audiences and purposes
  • Highly collaborative, able to work well with designers, strategists and engagement managers
  • Keen to understand the bigger picture of our clients and their worlds [including business strategy, customer/consumer insights, client dynamics]
  • Able to maintain a good eye for detail
  • Articulate and persuasive in presenting your work
  • Able to work in teams, under pressure and deliver against deadlines

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