What is Headless Commerce and Why it is Important.

What is Headless Commerce and Why it is Important.

So what is headless commerce and why is it important to me I hear you say!

If you are concerned your current eCommerce store is slow or you are concerned about your customer’s experience but there is concern over how technical changes to inventory, subscriptions, checkout, and payments might affect the performance of your store.

Headless commerce refers to separating or ‘decoupling’ the frontend of your online store (the beautifully laid-out interface your customers interact with) from the backend (the behind-the-scenes functions that facilitate sales).

With a headless store, these two separated sides work independently of each other and communicate via APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces).

The result of separating the two platforms (frontend and backend) is a faster, more agile, adaptable, and consistent shopping experience.

The backend still performs all the crucial functions of an eCommerce solution without being tethered to a front-end delivery platform (or ‘head’). 

This ‘headlessness’ gives scaling direct-to-consumer brands much more flexibility. Where traditional eCommerce platforms may be limiting with design and functionality, going headless gives you even more freedom to customize your frontend or “presentation layer”. You can create a beautifully branded, memorable shopping experience—while keeping your existing backend intact.

Overall, headless storefronts see dramatic improvements to site speed and customer experience with no technical changes to inventory, subscriptions, checkout, and payments.

Can you afford not to consider headless commerce?  Contact us today to have a quick chat over what it could mean to your brand.

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